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Former Detroit Deputy Chief of Police Charles Banner just wanted to pick up some groceries. But instead, a plot, decades in the making comes calling in the form of a beautiful female assassin. His murder is the flashpoint capable of changing the landscape of the city and net millions for a select few. Jordan Noble leads his UrbanKnights Detective Agency to deliver justice to a grief-stricken family. But each secret uncovered, reveals another. No one is beyond reproach, and cracking mystery of this crime will shine a light into corners of the city, unaccustomed to such revelation. From the highest offices of power to the anonymous realm of cyberspace, forces of greed and corruption conspire to suppress truth and line their own pockets. But the more layers he pulls back, the closer this case comes home. Ultimately, Noble must not only bring in a murderer, but also exonerate the SINS OF THE FATHER.

Jordan Noble returns for an adventure far from Detroit’s streets. And with the aid of a beautiful Air Force officer, all he has to do is have dinner with a former Canadian Foreign Minister he met ten years ago. It should be a walk in the park. But, before he can discover the meaning of this meeting, the Minister is murdered before his eyes with Noble as the number one suspect! Now, with the help of an old friend, Noble must prove his innocence and capture the real killer, all the while on the run. As Noble searches for any proof to clear his name, more and more twists and turns arise revealing a nation's darkest secret. There are few clues as to what this mystery is all about - one is a message with the cryptic words: Black Bear.

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After a dramatic battle in Detroit, the international criminal organization, Hammer has been decimated.  But when the Defense Intelligence Agency discovers a final remnant, they send their best man to investigate.  Jordan Noble and the UrbanKnights Detective Agency head to paradise on Earth and find that all is not as it seems.  Behind the luxury of one of the finest cruise ships in the world and the seductive eyes of a beautiful woman lies deception, danger and murder.  Jordan leads his team on a hunt for secret long thought hidden.  Can they trust their new alluring ally, or is beauty just one more danger lying in wait for the Caribbean Knights?

Jordan Noble left the insidious world of global espionage behind and vowed never to return. Now home in the mean streets of Detroit, he forms the UrbanKnight Detective Agency and tackles the crimes everyone else is afraid to touch. Just when things appear to be going perfectly, Noble’s former commander returns with a mission so dangerous, refusal means the death of millions.
International illegal arms dealer, Saif Al-Matwalli is captured by an elite military team. Unknowingly infected with a deadly disease by the CIA, Al-Matwalli executes a daring escape across two continents, ending in the concrete jungle of the Motor City. Disaster looms as time is running out before Al-Mattwalli unleashes a plague of biblical proportions. The government task force deployed hasn’t the first clue where to find Al-Matwalli. They need Noble and his team with its matchless knowledge of the city to ferret out Al-Matwalli and defuse the impending crisis. Now, with no other choice, Noble returns to the devil he knows to stop the one who could kill them all. Will Jordan Noble be able to stop this rider on a Pale Horse?

The first in a series, The Random Affair follows Jordan Noble and his detectives of the UrbanKnight Detective Agency. A long forgotten enemy resurfaces to reign vengeance on our heroes. He has at his disposal an army of criminals. And the one thing Jordan Noble never thought he'd have to square off against - the woman he loves. Jordan will need the add of all his friends, but before that, he will have to defeat his most dangerous opponent ever - himself!